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It is nearly impossible to conduct business the way we did 20 years ago. Too much has changed. Some changes that were good for Mr. Businessman/woman, some that totally screwed them over. The truth is that ‘generation y’ (as we like to call the workforce rising from the ashes of generation x’s shotty planning) cannot rely on the job market to do anything for them. There are very few professions these days that are safe from growing automation and outsourcing. We are now competing not only with people all over the world, but also machines designed to be you, but less whiny. Those of you who read this blog have come to ‘cut the crap’ from success advice and get down to brass tacks (and the plate them in gold). So instead of making you read all the books from our sources we try our hardest to give you the most important bits.

So here’s some tips from Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Work Week, the people who read it and tweaked it, and yours truly.

1 – Feed the Impending Robot Takeover

There are very few tasks that you need a human to do nowadays (sorry secretaries). Automate your day. Google alone can handle your schedule, email, documents etc. The point is to not rely on humans (tied down to one location) and replace them. If you’re not relying on anyone and no one is relying on you- that makes freedom of location. Hopefully the robots will see you as a loyal member of the rebellion and spare your life.

2 – Check mail twice a day

Set up a specific amount of time- around 15 minutes- at a certain time of day- once in the morning and once at night- and stick to it. No cheating. You can also check out 10 Steps to Becoming an Email Ninja in Links we love.

3 – Go on a high information diet

We know Ferriss is the expert, but we say stay knowledgeable. Knowing about current events is a great way to impress people. (Coming soon- The Great Con) You simply need to be able to carry out an adult conversation about politics, business or whatever floats your boat- it’s impressive, it’s a great way to peacock your interpersonal skills and it makes professionals like you.

4 – Find inspiration

You could always head over to our inspiration page

5 – Brainstorm business ideas

We would suggest carrying around a notebook or taking voice memo’s on your cell. Some of the greatest ideas have been improvements on old ones. Be aware of your surroundings- what things are working, what things aren’t and then storm away!

6 – Describe your dreams and set a price tag on it

Working for the sake of working is just ridiculous. You need to have specific goals. They may change a million times, but keep track. There’s a certain confidence that is visible to others when you know exactly what you want, and you know what it takes to get it.

7 – Get a mentor to help you

My mentors are stuffy, dead champions of the legal system, but that doesn’t work for everyone. Dead or alive find someone to emulate. Winston Churchill is my hero, so when I’m faced with something, I think- ‘what would Winston do?’

8 – Try getting a “work from home” day each week

Chances are you will work better because you’ll feel more comfortable taking breaks, you’ll be more relaxed and feel less pressured to ‘look’ like you’re working. Study after study shows that cubicles make work suck. So, the least you can do is ask.

So see how these work for you for now, because the old ways are finished.